Some Reviews of TUI-Chair


"The Updraft Imperative have a sound that has plenty of kick, drama and energy: they are not merely content to let their words do the talking. We in Britain do not house too many like-minded acts: Indie and Rock we do well, yet it would be good to hear more examples of the Australian trio. It seems like such a no-brainer, really: combine the joy and mesmeric charm of Funk and classic Groove; sprinkle in a distinct and raw Rock backbone- season with a bucket-load of intent and passion. Not only are the band liable to change some firm conviction, but ensure that fresh upstarts find something special in The Updraft Imperative’s sound. Having made some big strides in their career (as of late), it appears that things are certainly on the up: Chair is the solidification of years of hard work and planning; the summation of a band with a lot to say."



“If you want to escape the caterwauling of the noisiest bands; step away from the woe-is-me subjects a lot of contemporaries provide; separate your attention from repressive themes, then The Updraft Imperative are a necessary and nuanced tonic: instilled with endless energy and Groove-Rock swagger, they have pulled off quite a feat. Having demurred from Christian-Rock for most of my life, I have been compelled to not only follow the band closely; I am going to have a listen and see what similar bands are offering.”


Sam Liddicott –




"The album kicks off with a great guitar riff leading into the first song 'One Life'. This song is written to encourage you. Even though sometimes the road of your life seems to be long and lonely, God is always by your side. So put "one foot in front of the other" and carry on because you only have one life."

(The album) ".. it has an unusual but extremely catchy style and I love the feel of the music as you listen through. It's the perfect album to have in your car, or on a run, even when you are cleaning the house."


Wesley Huntley  -

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