We are...well....Blown away!!!

I have listened to the "Hot 25 Countdown" many times over the years and I've always thought ..."Gee, it would be cool to be on this show" I didn't really know how music was added or how it progressed, and listening to the caliber of acts and the quality records that were featured, it was nothing more than a pipe dream.

Following the release of our album, we have been working hard to get radio play and interviews. However, any thoughts of getting on the countdown were really not on our minds.

It's funny, so many times over the last few months, I have almost had to just sit and thank God for what he is doing. He has brought people into our lives, opened doors and busted open my pre conceived ideas of what He has planned for us.

Over the last 4 weeks, we were added as a feature artist, and then added as ‘new music’ no.25, then up to no.22, and now at no.19. Woah!!

I have learned that God will work his plan. We just need to be, open to his leading, work hard, and walk His path.

And, of course, thank you all of you who have supported us, so far.

I know I can speak for all of us in TUI, that it has been humbling for us and encourages us to keep moving forward and striving to create more music.

Personally, I just can’t wait to see what the future holds for TUI….stay tuned.


#radio #ontheup

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