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In our blog about 2014, we asked what 2015 held in store for The Updraft Imperative.

Our feeling, ‘that The Lord has big plans for this little band’, has certainly been intensified with the start to the year we have had. And it’s still only February.

So much has happened we thought that it would be a good idea to give you a sum up of all January’s news now. If the year continues at this pace (which looks likely!) the 2015 blog might give ‘War and Peace’ a run for its money!

At the start of the year we found ourselves at Number 3 in the Sunset Island Unsigned Bands World Top 25 Chart - which was phenomenal. Imagine our sheer joy and excitement when midway through the month we were announced as No1 in the same chart – and the only Australian band to feature that week. We continue to receive epic support from the station, with our music being played on an almost daily basis. The Top 25 Chart show is transmitted to over 220 stations worldwide. Although we have somewhat inevitably slipped from the top spot, our music continues to be played across the nations, which it is still pretty mind blowing!

Murray has been busy on the radio interview front. He chatted to Sharon at Chelmsford Community Radio in the UK at the start of the month and in the last week he caught up with avid supporter and friend of The Updraft Imperative, DJ Damo at 99.9FM in Townsville, Australia.

The 365 Radio Network have also been a fantastic support to us this month. They announced us as VIP Talent on their network as well as making us Band of the Day on 20th January. They also have our music in rotation across their 15 stations.

MytacismMusic, an internet blogger reviewed our album, Chair this month. The review was published on 10th January. This was her second most viewed blog that month, and earned us an additional feature in the monthly review posted 31st January.

Just last week we discovered we have appeared in another chart! This time Australian based Christian Rock Radio’s Top 10, where we are currently sitting in very good company with the likes of We Are Servants and Versus Angels at Number 8.

We also announced the release of our next single, ‘I Believe’ will be on 16th February 2015.

The promotion train for this is fully in motion, and at the time of writing over 30 stations have added the single to playlists and/or in rotation. The artwork has been revealed, you may have seen the teaser video too. In case you weren’t already aware a music video will accompany the single.

The video is available ahead of the release date exclusively to members of The Updraft Imperative mailing list. We have had an amazing response to date, with numbers increasing 4 fold already. If you haven’t yet signed up, you can do so now by (clicking here or via a link on our website).

We appreciate you may be reluctant to commit yourselves to yet more emails – which is why we promise never to send spam, inundate you with emails or pass your information on to third parties. All we want to do is give you the exclusive news before anyone else!

So as you can see, it’s been a pretty magnificent start to the year – and these are just the things that I can tell you about! There is more being planned for this little band, and as soon as we can we will share more with you. If you’re on the mailing list, you’ll hear it there first ;)

I’ll sign off with a massive and very sincere thank you to all of you that are supporting us. It is both humbling and affirming.

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