12 Months of Amazing

You may have seen from our social media pages that we have been back in the studio this week. We had an awesome time, and are really excited about the 2 songs we have laid down. Murray will be writing more about our time in the studio in the next blog.

We thought it would be an appropriate time now to have a look back at the events which have led up to us recording this week, and a give you a glimpse of what the future holds for The Updraft Imperative.

Over the last 12 months, we’ve seen some amazing, humbling and affirming things happen to this little band. Here are just some of the many highlights.

  • Since June 2014, over 50 radio stations worldwide are playing or have played our music. That’s in addition to the 600 plus stations across Australia that air The Hot 25 Countdown – but more about that later.

  • We’ve been interviewed by more than a dozen internet and local radio stations across the globe.

  • A Swiss music DJ remixed the single ‘One Life’, giving our music and ministry a whole new audience.

  • Our music has been in various radio and online charts, both secular and Christian many of which were voted for by you. The highlight of which being No1 in Sunset Island Music Top 25 World Unsigned Band Chart in January 2015, and No1 in the Singrush Chart for 3 consecutive weeks.

  • Numerous online bloggers, magazines and radio stations have written about us, and/or reviewed the album ‘Chair’. The first of these was UK reviewer Sam Liddicott who wrote an amazing in depth review of the album which he scored a phenomenal 8.7/10. This and the level of detail in his review completely blew us away.

  • We were not only played on our ‘home’ station, 96Five, but spent 23 weeks of the last 12 months in the Hot 25 Chart, aired across this great country of ours. We were invited in to the studio for a chat with host Liam Renton while ‘I Believe’ was in the chart and recorded a couple of acoustic tracks while we were there. ‘I Believe’ peaked at No13 – not a bad effort for a little Brissy band going toe to toe with the industry big boys.

  • Our social media pages have grown more than twofold. Facebook likes have more than doubled as have our twitter followers. You Tube subscribers have also increased dramatically.

  • We launched ‘The Updrafters’, our private Facebook group where we hang out and post the exclusive news, our mailing list for those who don’t have access to Facebook and want access to exclusives, and ‘Chair Time’, our personal video update on all things TUI.

  • Our debut music video for ‘I Believe’, filmed a year ago (almost to the day) in a chilly warehouse in Brisbane has received over 800 views on YouTube in just 3 months.

  • Through a connection on Twitter, our music is being used in prison ministry in the states.

  • Our website was revamped to include links to videos, reviews and a blog feature added.

  • A video maker in the Philippines made a music video for the single ‘One Life’.

These and many more highlights have been both humbling and affirming for us. Our music and the message it conveys is being heard in more countries and on more continents than ever before.

With this and God on our side, we have started putting plans in place for the next chapter in The Updraft Imperative’s journey.

We are blessed to now be in a position where we can record a second album. This is planned for later this year and we have already started to look at how we will promote it. There will be a short live tour of venues in and around Brisbane and the surrounding areas.

We are also investigating new and exciting ways to connect with our supporters across the globe as well as continuing to connect via our existing social media.

In the more immediate future, we will be preparing the singles we have just recorded for release. With videos to arrange and promotion campaigns to run there is a lot of work to do. We believe it will be worth the wait – so please stick with us! We love having you along for the ride, and if the last 12 months are anything to go by, we are pretty certain it will be an exciting one!


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