A time to review, a timely two and a time to move

We are rapidly approaching the end of another year – and once again it’s been quite a year for this little band. We’ll have a look back at the events of 2015 in another blog before the year is out, but we just wanted to drop by and let you know a little of what has been happening recently and give an idea of some of our plans for 2016.

Most of you will already know that we’ve had a change in our line-up recently. Iain Broadley joins us (again) on bass and Danny Ragless is the man on the sticks.

The change has meant that some of the plans we had for this year have been put back a little. There will still be an album, just perhaps not quite as soon as we had been aiming for. That said, we are really excited to start working on the second album as a 4 piece early in 2016. Having Danny and Iain join us and bring their musical influences and styles will inevitably mean a slightly different sound emerges – but we reckon you’ll still know it’s us! Early jam sessions have seen the roof of Josh’s work almost blown off, so be prepared for some big sounds!

While we are working on the album we will be releasing the songs that we recorded back in July. We’ve played them a couple of times live now, and both have been getting really positive feedback. We can’t wait to unleash them on you! We hope to get the video to accompany the first single filmed before Christmas and released with the single in February. If you are in The Updrafters (our Facebook group) or on our mailing list – you’ll get to hear and see both ahead of the release date. The second track we are looking at doing something a little different with…but you’ll need to stay tuned for more news on that!

Big news for 2016 is a BIG road trip! We are super excited to be playing at Forest Edge Music Festival in Victoria in March. It’s the first time we’ve ventured that far south as a band, so we thought it would be a good idea to make the most of it – so a pretty epic road trip is now in the planning! We’ll keep you posted as and when dates are confirmed, but we hope to see as many of you as possible along the way.

We mentioned in an earlier blog that Murray would be writing a blog about recording. That’s still on the cards, but we figured it would be good to tie that in with the recording of the new album, so that particular blog is on hold at the moment.

We will soon be sharing a Q&A with the band so you can get to know Danny and Iain a little more – there’s also talk of ‘Chair Time’ returning in the not too distant future soon…

So in summary, there’s lots to look forward to in the coming weeks and months!

We’d love to hear from you – so please drop us a message here, Twitter or Facebook any time!

God Bless,

Josh, Murray, Danny & Iain

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