A Journey Towards the "Past"

It only feels like days ago we were having a look back over 2015 - and now we're rapidly approaching the third month of 2016!

As we hit a pretty busy time for this little band, with our first tour just around the corner, we thought we'd give you an idea of what is involved behind the scenes in releasing a single.

As you are no doubt aware, Pieces of My Past was released on 16th February this year, but the journey that particular track has been on started almost a year before that.

A jam session between Murray and Josh had a simple guitar riff being fiddled with. Then chords. Then a verse. Next a chorus and the idea of the song simply not just 'being' - but musically and lyrically going to a 'place'...

From Murray's home studio, a rough track was shared with the rest of the band - which at that time was Josh & Pete. From that initial rough track, Josh added lyrics, the melody was refined and a new song was born.

The next step in the journey was the studio time.

Finding a time that suits 3 guys with families, day jobs and numerous other commitments is a challenge in itself. Finally a mutually convenient date was agreed, and the studio time booked.

Going back into the studio with James was an awesome experience. It felt that we had 'cut our teeth' with 'Chair', and in this round of recording we were more secure with our identity which resulted in us being more relaxed. I think that shows in the finished single.

Recording was done in under a week. Then came the editing, tweaking and mastering.

So by late September we had a finished track. But a single needs a video.

We also decided it was time to look for a fourth band member to fill the bass player void.

It was around this time that Pete made the difficult decision to leave the band. With a young family and a demanding day job, it was a decision we all respected and understood.

So the need for a video was overtaken by the need for a drummer. The search for both drummer and bass player commenced. Prayers that suitable candidates would soon be found were made on both sides of the globe.

Those prayers were answered with Iain deciding to rejoin the band in October, and suggesting Danny join us on drums. A jam session was rapidly arranged, and a new line up was born.

Then Christmas was upon us - and still no video.

We had been in talks with Wattle Media and agreed the outline of a video - but without a drummer and bass player, work in that area had ground to a halt.

With Danny and Iain on board, a date was set for filming. On a rainy evening in January, the band shots of the video were filmed at Scotland Yard Antiques in Marburg. A great location Josh found, and discovered the owner used to be in a band himself and was happy to let us use his shop. The interior shots were filmed the following week, then the task of editing commenced.

Numerous edits went between Wattle Media and the 5 of us - and they had the unenviable task of keeping us all happy with our various ideas, suggestions and criticisms! We can't thank them enough for their patience.

With the video in post production, we announced the release date of 16th Feb.

Almost 1000 emails to radio stations, bloggers and DJ's have been sent in the weeks leading up to the release.

Our good friends at 96five in Brisbane agreed to premier the single on The Hot 25 Countdown and invited us in for s chat.

A week before the release we received the final edit of the video. As promised, this was then shared with our loyal supporters in The Updrafters and on our mailing list.

Josh made a great little promo video, and a countdown to release which we shared on our social media.

Going into 16th Feb, Josh and Di were waiting anxiously for the single to hit the digital stores. Shortly after midnight it landed in Google Play...then iTunes...the release date had arrived and our months of work was out there for you to hear, and hopefully enjoy.


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