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You will have heard no doubt, that we four have been back in the recording studio recently...

Whilst this is indeed true, we wanted to take a few minutes to tell you a bit about the recording process from our perspective, and also give you an idea when you might get your hands on the second release from TUI.

When we recorded ‘Chair’, we already had a selection of songs that we took into the studio. These were written predominantly acoustically from various stages and incarnations of Updraft/The Updraft Imperative. When we got in to the studio with James these were then embellished and enhanced, which resulted in the soundscape of the studio produced album which you all know and love.

For 'the second album' the writing process has been entirely different. As a 4 piece, we have approached each song collaboratively and each of us consciously left space for each of our 4 parts. Add in the advice and musical understanding from James and the result is a strong, slightly different yet still unmistakably TUI sound for 'album 2'

Recording ‘album 2’

Step 1

Invite James to a rehearsal at our generously sized rehearsal space...AKA Josh's place of work.

This allowed James to hear the tracks, take notes and understand what musical references and styles he would use in the recording process.

Having worked with James before we were confident that he would know which buttons to push to get the right TUI sound. We have not been disappointed!

Step 2 - Studio day 1

Guide tracks are recorded. These are a single guitar track and a vocal track and provide an opportunity for us to review and change any song structures if necessary. Thankfully there was very little modification needed and the process was done in a day. Comparing the two albums - there was far less 'adjustment' required for album 2 - which some might say suggests we know what we're doing...

Days 2 & 3 - Drums Recording

Using the previously recorded guide tracks, Danny took up the recording mantle and was confident in what he had to do, laying down the drum tracks with apparent ease.

Danny, having done some training in sound engineering, said he learned more in the few days in the studio than in weeks at uni..?

Day 4 - Bass Parts

The fro had to modify his parts a little as he likes a lot of high end, intricate bass work which works really well in a live environment but James explained that a more even palette of sounds is required for a recording. True to form, Iain whipped his 'bass into a frenzy'...and judging by the picture below, he also got quite excited about it!!

Days 5 & 6 - Guitars

Murray came and did his part, forearmed with the benefit and knowledge of previous recording sessions he was very familiar with both the process and the soundscape that James liked during the recording session. He found himself ‘self regulating’ much to James amusement...often adding a polite ‘I was thinking the same thing.’

Days 7 & 8

Vocals - final layer of the recording cake

Vocals reflect the change in the TUI soundscape for 'album 2'. Josh was conscience to lock in with the new vibe of the music. Concentrating more on capturing emotion and meaning in the sounds rather than hitting every note with clarity. We think that the end result is one you’ll love.

Job done!! Or so you'd think....

But no. That's a huge part of the process, but there's still a lot to be done.

Firstly the tracks need to be mastered. This is taking the final mix that James and we are happy with and making it a fuller, even sound. The tracks are sent to a company in the U.K. - again, having used them before we are confident that they will produce the sound that we all imagined when we first wrote the songs.

When the tracks have been mastered, we then need to decide which of these 8 gems are going to be released as singles, and start the promo process, think about and record videos. That's as well as consider track listings and artwork for 'album 2'

All of this, plus these inconvenient things we have called 'day jobs' means that unfortunately 'album 2' won't be hitting your digital download store in the next 5 minutes.

In fact, it's probably not going to be out until 2018...however...all is not lost!

We WILL be releasing at least 2 singles before the album is released, one of which we will be doing everything in our power to have out in the later part of this year.

We are so excited about the new songs - and anyone who is able to catch us live wi

ll get to hear them as we can't help playing them!!

If you want to be among the first to hear any of our new material, and get exclusive news about the band, then you can either join our mailing list (link) or if you are on Facebook, join The Updrafters (join here)

In the meantime, you can listen to, watch and share the current single, Luna. (go there!)

All that is left for us to say is a huge thank you for your continued support.

We really couldn’t do this without you!

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